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Frequently Asked Questions

Since the Pizza Club is brand new, we figured you would have some questions! Hopefully this helps, but if you have any lingering questions, feel free to contact us anytime!

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How do I redeem my pizza credits?

To redeem pizza credits, club members will use The Pizza Club app and show a QR code that the restaurant will scan to then redeem pizza credits.

How many pizzas can I get per visit?

If enrolled in “The Fan”, pizza club members can get one pizza per visit at a participating restaurant. “The Enthusiast” members can get up to 2 pizzas per visit, and “The Aficionado” members can get up to 3 pizzas on a single visit!

Will I have to pay again when I order?

No. As a Pizza Club member, you have already pre-paid for your pizza at a discount. At the time of redemption, no additional payment will be required.

Pizza Club members will only have to pay for any additional menu items on their order. So, if you want to grab some garlic bread you absolutely can! We also highly encourage tipping your servers at the end of your pizza-eating experience.

What types of pizzas are included?

At a minimum, you can redeem pizza credits for any large two-topping pizza at participating restaurants. Some restaurants offer specialty pizzas for club members. At the discretion of each restaurant, you may be able to upgrade your pizza for an additional charge. 

Download the Pizza Club App for details about available pizzas at each restaurant.

Can I get my pizza delivered?

No, Pizza Club members can only redeem their pizza credits dining in or picking up. But that is a great opportunity to try out different things on the menus as well!

What's the difference between a one credit and a two credit restaurant?

At two point restaurant locations, club members will need to redeem two pizza credits per pizza. These locations are pizza specialists…that’s all they do and they do it well! These locations are primarily takeout only, do not have large dining rooms or expansive food/liquor menus.

At one point locations, club members will only need to redeem one pizza point per pizza. Feel free to enjoy other menu items, or drinks at the bar at these “one point’ joints…but those things you will have to pay for!

Details on which restaurants are considered one and two point can be found in the app and on our Participating Restaurants page!

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